account_circle by Aaron Warren
Aaron Warren is, in his own words, possibly the last sober Cohanze alive. A student of life. A poet, a philosopher, a Cohanze, native to this land. He writes because it soothes him. Because he doesn't live on the beach and wake up to a sunset on the ocean. H lives in Pittsburgh, and attends Carnegie Mellon. He has fiction published in The Willow Tree, 256 Shades of Gray and poetry in Freedom's Banners and The Cat Machine.


Under Time

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

We gathered under the willow, just like always, and Billy broke out the cards. “So, ah, what it’ll be amigos?” He said, shuffling with his smooth-skinned hands. “Hey, Chiefy, d~ju bring the firewater?” Mikey asked me. Chiefy, that’s what they called me. It wasn’t my …