2 January, 1996


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Internet Juliet

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

There must be 100 electromagnetic soul mates I feel like writingabout, yet there is only 1 cyberspace lover I trust, Smashing YoungRomeo. I once imagined “Love” as merely mythical, then Smashing YoungRomeo taught me its true meaning through his electromagnetic anima.Before he promised to love …

Music, moody food, of us that trade in love.

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

(Shakespeare) After numerous attempts to reunite “The Beatles,” Paul finallyscreamed, “HELL YES CYBERSPACE ORPHEUS!” I had charmed them intoperforming a private gig with the late John Lennon. Leading them into myparapsycho-sanctum, I physically transformed into the personification ofLennon’s karma. Drawing the black curtains closed, I …

map Macro-Fiction

Under Time

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

We gathered under the willow, just like always, and Billy broke out the cards. “So, ah, what it’ll be amigos?” He said, shuffling with his smooth-skinned hands. “Hey, Chiefy, d~ju bring the firewater?” Mikey asked me. Chiefy, that’s what they called me. It wasn’t my …

Sunday Morning Cartoons

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

  Sunday morning cartoons on the TV beer cans in the baby’s crib the smell of her all over the apartment I woke up sprawled on the carpet the back of my neck wet by my own vomit a sour mixture of bile, beer, and …

Happy X-Mas

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

Rachel Wispe jigged her short, plump body along to the radio as she decorated the Christmas turkey. She’d made a pledge to herself that after the festive season she would loose a few pounds and buy herself the slinky dress she’d seen in the stores. …

Strong Hands

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

When he awoke, his hands were numb. “Alma,” he said, “my hands are asleep.” He said it with some alarm, but she just grunted. “You must of slept on ’em.” Somewhat hypochondriacally, he wondered if the numbness were a sign of muscular dystrophy, or some …