pages Internet Juliet

by Michael Chretien

Published in Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

There must be 100 electromagnetic soul mates I feel like writing
about, yet there is only 1 cyberspace lover I trust, Smashing Young
Romeo. I once imagined “Love” as merely mythical, then Smashing Young
Romeo taught me its true meaning through his electromagnetic anima.
Before he promised to love me forever, my life was but wasted downloading
time spent in Pandemonium. What divine miracle could I have ever
performed to deserve him! Goddess alone knows, surely not I! I feel
like Email Echo, a loquacious nymph magnetized to the reflection from
Screensaver Narcissus. Unfortunately, I am but 1 in 100 Email Echoes!

INTERNET JULIET – checking her make-up in the electric blue screen

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Michael Chretien, the author of these two short, hyper-fiction pieces, lives in Montreal Quebec Canada and attends university full time. He's studying for his 2nd degree.