account_circle by Michael Chretien
Michael Chretien, the author of these two short, hyper-fiction pieces, lives in Montreal Quebec Canada and attends university full time. He's studying for his 2nd degree.


Music, moody food, of us that trade in love.

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

(Shakespeare) After numerous attempts to reunite “The Beatles,” Paul finallyscreamed, “HELL YES CYBERSPACE ORPHEUS!” I had charmed them intoperforming a private gig with the late John Lennon. Leading them into myparapsycho-sanctum, I physically transformed into the personification ofLennon’s karma. Drawing the black curtains closed, I …

Internet Juliet

Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

There must be 100 electromagnetic soul mates I feel like writingabout, yet there is only 1 cyberspace lover I trust, Smashing YoungRomeo. I once imagined “Love” as merely mythical, then Smashing YoungRomeo taught me its true meaning through his electromagnetic anima.Before he promised to love …