local_library True Love and My Libido

by Erin Bealmear

Published in Issue No. 2 ~ January, 1996

Peter the saint who laughs

Bringing me to Irishtown
with playfully wise eyes
the only man I’ve ever really loved
like an ancient prophet
When Peter smiles
I cherish the image
of light beginning
of joy

The perfect rhythms
that make it worth the struggle
rocking whole worlds
making day of night

Drinking coffee
in the afternoon
loving you even more
after you say
you love Oscar
because he lives
in a trash can

More than a sweetheart
a listner
a major listner
who knows what I mean
even when I myself don’t know
what I’m saying
knowing what I mean
without me saying it

When I see Peter smile
my day
is brightened
simply by
the look
of him

When Peter smiles
I am free
of phoney
of saying
one thing
while something else
is going on
inside my head
….. you know, shittalk.

When I see Peter
I see strength
I know harmony/joy
is a blessing
that needs to be held
like magic jelly
made of harmony/joy
the sweet song
is a blessing
of breath and words
When I see Peter
I see strength
When I see Peter

But I confess
that sometimes
at night
while reading
and watching
you turn over
in your sleep
I wonder
if you died
who I’d
fuck first

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Erin's poetry has been published in CrossConnect, Cafe Eighties, and Damaged Goods, and they have completed two workshop programs with The National Writer's Voice Project of the YMCA. They have been writing articles for a new music magazine called Rebel Route.