account_circle by Adam Davis
Adam Davis is a 23-year-old Air Force radar technician who has had the opportunity to live in England and Germany, as well as various places in the U.S. In his spare time, he runs an Internet boxing league, designs Web pages, and writes poetry, short stories, and essays, both recreationally and professionally.


NIMBY Police on the Prowl

Issue No. 8 ~ July, 1997

Those of you who do not live in Nevada may not be aware of Yucca Mountain. In fact, those of you who do not live in Nevada may not be aware that the state even extends beyond the borders of Las Vegas. If you are …

Cry Freedom, Sing Like a Canary

Issue No. 7 ~ April, 1997

Can South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission ever hope to heal the wounds of apartheid? The roles of politics and justice are such that they will forever remain tangled and inseparable. But while this marriage may be inevitable, it is certainly not palatable. There comes …