account_circle by Bruce Bromley
Bruce Bromley's fiction was nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize by Able Muse Review. His poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared, among other journals, in Gargoyle Magazine; Out Magazine; the Journal of Speculative Philosophy; Environmental Philosophy; Fogged Clarity: An Arts Review: and in The Nervous Breakdown, where he is a contributor. He is senior lecturer in expository at New York University, where he won the 2006 Golden Dozen Award for teaching excellence. His book, Making Figures: Reimagining Body, Sound, and Image in a World That Is Not for Us, is forthcoming from Dalkey Archive Press.



Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Turning to the screen before Noah flicks it off, I speculate that Norma Shearer must be unable to move in her square-tipped shoes, shrinking under the carapace of her gown, seamed with celluloid diamonds up to the cleavage, fossilized by powder.


Listening to the Rear-View Mirror

Issue No. 159 ~ August, 2010

On a few late afternoons, she walks to where the earth ends, while her sister from the village that Safiyyah continues to feel taut in her bones watches over the boys, steams their rice [...]