account_circle by Ari Rubin
Ari Rubin lurks in the shadows. You may have thought you saw him in the back of the bar, or going into the subway station, but when you looked back, he was gone. His fiction has appeared in Scrivener's Pen, The Hopper Review, and Otherink magazines. His short story "White Collar Blues," which originally appeared in Skyline, was nominated for The Carve Magazine/Mild Horse Press Online Short Story Anthology Award by the editor. Mr. Rubin holds a BA (departmental honors) in Writing/Literature from Columbia University and an MA in Teaching of English from Teachers College. A mild-mannered public school teacher by day, he wanders the streets at night as a vigilante crime-fighter. He does not believe in secret identities. He wants those whom he fights to know his true name. Ari Rubin can be reached at: and on twitter as @thesurrealari


The Sphinx’s Lament

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

What has cold blood, but warm breath? A dragon. Oh, don’t flatter yourself. I wanted you to get that one.