229 June, 2016

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The Wallet

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

Donny sat in Ms. Trisler’s 4th grade class and drew the things he wanted most for Christmas. Each classmate took their turn in front of a cloudy chalkboard, construction paper in hand. They smiled and held their color-penciled wants to their chests like Honor Roll …

Finding Matthew

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

Mother was in tears and had been for days since Matt’s disappearance. What she hadn’t known were the real reasons why he had left in the first place. Isaac knew and kept his thoughts to himself, knowing that if he opened his mouth, his mother …

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The Sphinx’s Lament

Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

What has cold blood, but warm breath? A dragon. Oh, don’t flatter yourself. I wanted you to get that one.