local_library Against Nietzsche

by Nicole Sprinkle

Published in Issue No. 229 ~ June, 2016

Why stronger? Why not butterfly wings and the silent bend of grass under flagstone

the restless hum of hearts, immortal longings

a child on a bicycle—prey to the wind

and his own whisper of a body, nubbin reflexes and the little legs pumping furiously


Why not a soft throat, the snap of stems, the soundless death of snow in heat

the quiet burden of roofs

every tear that drops, a line erased


Whatever does not kill me makes me stronger


Where is the beauty in that? The grace?


Even the hardest rock chips away at the sculptor’s hands, lives are

fashioned in yielding

the body flushing with fever, finest cracks in celadon

moments falling to a lover

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Nicole Sprinkle is a restaurant critic for Seattle Weekly and has written for The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and other regional and national media.