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C.H. Coleman is a cool cat living in Cheshire, CT. His writing has appeared online and in print in, Fresh!, Wilmington Blues, Blue Almonds, F&M Alumni Arts Review,Poetry Flyer, Takoma Voice, the Lynn Evening Item, Washington, DC’s City Paper, Uno Mas, Pigeon Words – A Literary Zine, and StoryBytes. In 2010, he won Fresh! Literary Magazine’s poetry contest and two of his poems received third place and an honorable mention, respectively, in the Naomi Cherkofsky Poetry Contest. When not writing, he leads ghost tours, volunteers at the Cheshire Food Bank and with Cheshire Community Theater and edits paranormal non-fiction and college admission application essays.


Snow Globe

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Now, sex and pregnancy are no longer separate. Before Baby, you sought out the former with a Mike Tyson vengeance and when in the middle of the former you did your best to avoid the latter.