account_circle by Marcy Dermansky
Marcy Dermansky's recent publications include The New Orleans Review, The Mississippi Review, and Gulf Coast. She received her MFA from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi and was named a finalist in STORY's 1999 Carson McCullers short fiction award.


Little Meadow Simms

Issue No. 36 ~ May, 2000

Meadow Simms was beat up at school again today. Little Meadow could read minds. The other children called her a witch. She was the shortest girl in the third grade. This morning she looked at Bobby Blue, whose hair was dirty, whose clothes were dirty, …


Lousy Presents

Issue No. 28 ~ September, 1999

Trudy wants gifts. Her father buys her two souvenirs at the Traveland off Highway 10 in Jackson, Mississippi. A cute miniature ink well and a wall plaque with the protruding head of a Mississippi mule. Trudy starts to bawl when she sees these gifts. Trudy …