account_circle by H. Janzen
H. Janzen has been writing seriously for the past twenty years, initially influenced by the music and lyrics of Bob Dylan and the Beatles; especially John Lennon. Later he discovered the Beat Generation, concentrating on Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder. The poetry and writing of Octavio Paz, Paul Bowles and Malcolm Lowery are also a constant source of inspiration for him. His poetry has been published: in the hard copy Manitoba periodicals Prairie Fire, the Gopher and Paper Rainbows; in Pieces Of A Jigsaw Puzzle, a multi-cultural anthology; and on-line poetry websites including Recursive Angel, Olympus, Ygdrasil, and Poetry Cafe. His two self-published chap books: "The Cat Sleeps In My Head" and "Ultravisions", a collaboration with artist Marcel Debreuil, are out of print and hard to find.