Jewelry Box H. Janzen Poetry

local_library Jewelry Box

by H. Janzen

Published in Issue No. 19 ~ December, 1998

when she got home
she hid the packet of dirt
deep in the stomach of her closet
she put the planet earth
                          underneath her socks
in the cosmos of her jewelry box

                           she needed to fix
                                         her makeup

in the mirror of her vanity
she thought of the whole world
tangled in the wonderful tackle box

from the saddle of her fingertips
she fiddled the riddle of ideas

in the moon face of her reflection
she pondered
the meaning and if she needed it
she could have the world in her hands

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H. Janzen has been writing seriously for the past twenty years, initially influenced by the music and lyrics of Bob Dylan and the Beatles; especially John Lennon. Later he discovered the Beat Generation, concentrating on Jack Kerouac and Gary Snyder. The poetry and writing of Octavio Paz, Paul Bowles and Malcolm Lowery are also a constant source of inspiration for him. His poetry has been published: in the hard copy Manitoba periodicals Prairie Fire, the Gopher and Paper Rainbows; in Pieces Of A Jigsaw Puzzle, a multi-cultural anthology; and on-line poetry websites including Recursive Angel, Olympus, Ygdrasil, and Poetry Cafe. His two self-published chap books: "The Cat Sleeps In My Head" and "Ultravisions", a collaboration with artist Marcel Debreuil, are out of print and hard to find.