account_circle by Kevin McIlvoy
Kevin McIlvoy edits manuscripts and mentors writers through his website ( His most recent book, The Complete History of New Mexico and Other Stories was published by Graywolf Press, which will bring out the e-book version in 2013; his novels, Hyssop (TriQuarterly Books) and Little Peg (Atheneum), have recently been published as e-books by Untreed Books. "19th & Minnesota" appears in his new collection, 57 Octaves Below Middle C.


19th & Minnesota

Issue No. 183 ~ August, 2012

The grandfather had been told by his son there was a park within walking distance. Passing from not-q to not-p on the ultimate, changeless pavement, losing words and judgment in stillness and in movement, what he had taken in were the sounds park, wind, walking, ants.