account_circle by Lila Guzmán
Lila Guzmán has published short stories in Short Shots (I and II), The Roswell Literary Review, The Arizona Literary Magazine, and Lines in the Sand. Her non-fiction piece, "Edit Ink and Me: Going Undercover for the New York State Attorney General," appeared in the Austin Writer in June 1998. In July of 1998 she will deliver the keynote address at the Society of Southwestern Authors, titled "Flash Fiction, or How to Write a Story in 99 Words or Less."



Issue No. 14 ~ July, 1998

The oncoming car wouldn’t stop. Didn’t the driver see me standing in the middle of the road? At any moment, I kept telling myself, he would notice me and swerve. But he didn’t. Closer and closer came the headlights. My eyes squeezed shut to block …