account_circle by Lennox Raphael
Lennox Raphael, a New Yorker Trinidadian, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife & daughter. A former staff writer for the East Village Other (EVO), his first play, CHE!, ran for over a year in Manhattan; and he has written & directed BLUE SOAP, WAITING FOR MICK JAGGER, and several other works for the theater. Raphael has published 5 books of poetry. He is the co-author, with Maryanne Raphael, of GARDEN OF HOPE, A MEMOIR, published by Hopewell, in 2006.



Issue No. 153 ~ February, 2010

"...Age, I am discovering, is a process of memory rather than actuality, and it is memory that sustains the image of the self and prop up our bones and their cultural positioning, and also takes us thru squalor & innocence down the road of reincarnative fantasies; of course, this is an unfinished piece,..."