account_circle by Max Johansson-Pugh
Max was born in London and raised in New Zealand. He gained an English scholarship out of school, attended the University of Auckland, and has since worked many jobs, from construction and bar tending to tennis coaching and running a landscaping business. He now travels in a bohemian fashion, writing, reading, gathering experience and stretching each dollar until he must find work to fill up the coffers. Published in Pif Magazine, The Courtship of the Winds, Hypophora Magazine, Canyon Voices Literary Magazine, Brasilia Review and the Contemporary Literary Review India. Contact:


The Beginning of an End

Issue No. 280 ~ September, 2020

After returning the pamphlet to where it had lain, Johan shouldered on his jacket, slumped down onto the porch, and pulled on his leather shoes – tying the final knot, muddied water wrung out onto the tongue. ‘What does it mean by ‘verdant’?’ He thought. …

A Tale of Two Birds

Issue No. 267 ~ August, 2019

There was a Tulip tree, older than anyone’s eyes could remember, that stole the valley. The old Tulip tree stood next to a river, who’s fervour had somewhat diminished in the current, torrid, summer months. Sounds of water lazily treading over the stones and the …