account_circle by Michael Dunaway
MICHAEL DUNAWAY commended a biographer in the July issue of Pif for "Letting Janis be Janis." He is a Georgian by origin, a New Yorker by residence, a hero by night, and a smartass by nature. He miraculously received a BA in English from The University of The South and an MBA in Finance from Cornell University. He may be the only person in the world who's a fan of Beck, Francis Schaeffer, Dante, and the Blue Devils. When he was a kid, he wanted to be just like his daddy. He still does.


Book Lovers

Scars of Sweet Paradise

Issue No. 26 ~ July, 1999

Janis [Joplin's] story is a thrilling, inspiring, and finally a heartbreaking one, and even with her flaws Echols is an excellent guide...


But Is It Art?

Issue No. 27 ~ August, 1999

Art is a funny thing. One man's trash is another man's treasure, one man's Philip Glass is another man's clanging cymbal, and one man's bold new post-structuralist statement is another man's chicken scratch on a canvas.

James Brown is Dead

Issue No. 20 ~ January, 1999

Michael Dunaway laments the death of rock-n-roll, notifying the next of kin that "James Brown is Dead".