account_circle by Susan Bloch
Susan Bloch is a freelance writer living in Seattle. Her essay “The Mumbai Massacre” (Blue Lyra Review) received notable mention in Best American Essays 2017. Her writing has also appeared in Tikkun, The Huffington Post, Quail Bell Magazine, Entropy, The Citron Review, and the anthology Secret Histories: Stories of Courage, Risk, and Revelation. You can find more of her work at


Faux Feathers

Issue No. 256 ~ September, 2018

As the sun burns away the morning fog, scarred remnants of rusted keels, bleached whale ribcages, and human skulls come into focus. For centuries merciless Atlantic currents have smashed sails, masts, gunwales, and rudders against treacherous shoreline rocks. Shipwrecked European explorers, seduced by the lure …