account_circle by Torché Johnson
Torché (tor-shay) here! I am passionate about sweets, anime, writing, video games, and reading the Bible. I co-write the manga TheRemnant: This is Not Flesh & Blood with my sister-it's currently available on Webtoon and I have a goal of getting it animated. Sometimes...a lot of times, I write my name in Katakana like this: ト-シェイ. M&M's are my daily vitamins. (・ω<)


Sometimes There Is/ Will Be

Issue No. 275 ~ April, 2020

Sometimes there’s a girl named Sarina or Sabrina who invites you to places you don’t belong and presses a drink into your hand like a mismatched puzzle piece and disappears and finds you again later and walks you to the bathroom and holds your hair …