local_library 55 Gallon Drums

by David Horn

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

Bright eventually dulled
and turned into night
we waited by the old switching station
waited for the bums to light their 55 gallon drums
and talk

She said the beauty of their words
was only surpassed
by the gruffness of their voices
I only heard
distraught alcoholics
bickering about food

That night
we made love for the last time
she said the beauty of the moment
was only surpassed by it’s sadness
I only felt

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Dave is very itchy and wonders if it is bath time. In his sixth year at Westminster College (PA) he hasn't caught the drift that studying is an important part of passing classes. Dave dreams of joining the drug-addled service sector one day and with an impending degree in English and sub-3.0 gpa he soon will realize his dreams. Dave thinks gangs dance before they fight (ala West Side Story) and wonders why Dukes of Hazzard is not in syndication. If Dave's mom calls you, tell her you don't know where he is. Better yet, tell her he's at the library.