by Janet Kuypers

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

i want a big house with filtered central air

and i want a big lawn so i can recreate nature

and i want a big fence so i’ll know what’s mine

and i want the evergreens trimmed into neat little

balls, because it has to look neat. plant everything

in a row.

and i want to spray chemicals on my lawn

to keep the dandelions away


and i want a plastic lobster bib

over my fancy dress at the fancy restaurant

and don’t forget the hundred dollar champagne

and i want a big fat car, and i want

someone else to drive it

and i want the two kids, one boy, one girl

and i want a nanny to take care of them for me

i want to be famous

i want everyone to love me

i want it

i want it all

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Janet Kuypers is employed as an Art/Production Editor for a publishing company in Chicago. She was educated at the University of Illinois, where she received her baccalaureate in News/Ed. Journalism, with a minor in Photography. She has published over 600 pieces of her writing and over 150 pieces of artwork. Janet Kuypers is the editor/publisher of the literary/art magazine children, churches and daddies. She has had two books published, a hope chest in the attic (and the window), and is a graphic designer by day. At night, she sings with a band.