local_library Taking Out The Brain

by Janet Kuypers

Published in Issue No. 3 ~ April, 1996

i’m a med student

and for the past few weeks

we’ve been working on a cadaver

at first

i didn’t want to know anything

about him

i covered the head of the guy

wanted to pay him some respect

i didn’t want to think

tat this person lived

before i dissected him

i had a hard time

taking out the brain

cause you know, that’s where

the memories are

that’s what makes him


it’s not so hard now

they get the bodies from the morgue

they’re homeless people, mostly

no family

it’s not so hard now

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Janet Kuypers is employed as an Art/Production Editor for a publishing company in Chicago. She was educated at the University of Illinois, where she received her baccalaureate in News/Ed. Journalism, with a minor in Photography. She has published over 600 pieces of her writing and over 150 pieces of artwork. Janet Kuypers is the editor/publisher of the literary/art magazine children, churches and daddies. She has had two books published, a hope chest in the attic (and the window), and is a graphic designer by day. At night, she sings with a band.