Blind Date C. Dianne Long Poetry

local_library Blind Date

by C. Dianne Long

Published in Issue No. 4 ~ July, 1996

Silver taped
roped feet and hands
broken glass
swollen eye
purple nose
bloody thighs
shiny watch still
in place
tissue ripping
fingers gripping
my own flesh
was it
the two drink
or my short skirt
or the girl
that stood him up
either way
I’m here
its done
each night
a part of me cracks open
and dies
wondering why
As he
continues to
the waitresses.

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C. Dianne Long was 29 years old at the time these poems were published. She was born and raised in Memphis, where she attended Memphis State University. She has been writing poetry since the age of seven -- and for the most part has kept her work a secret. These poems were her first published works.