4 July, 1996

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Issue No. 4 ~ July, 1996

Lilly was a voracious girl, craving everything that came before her. Chocolates were the more obvious objects of her desire. Remnants of their brief visits littered themselves in the bowels of her purse, or could be found wadded up into small, tightly wound balls tossed …


Issue No. 4 ~ July, 1996

Do you want me to prove it? Do you want me to take you there? I’m telling you: I did everything just like I said. I know you don’t believe me. Do you want to see that what I say is true, that what I …

Heir To The Leader

Issue No. 4 ~ July, 1996

The relief worker Tommy Seto, khaki uniform covered in sweat and grime, loaded the refugees into two U.N. trucks, for relocation to a city shelter. Would these Marovians have seceded from the Union, if they knew it meant this: abandoning their homes carrying “stuff” limited …