21 February, 1999

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The Focus of the Thousand Mile Stare

Issue No. 21 ~ February, 1999

Here’s where I say, “Are you scared, man?” I say it the same way every time, and in one minute we’ll be exiting the door of the aircraft, our weapon bags partially unzipped, with a magazine slapped tightly and carefully into the chamber. Before we …


Issue No. 21 ~ February, 1999

Mother tucked her ample stomach up under her navel. She rolled the flesh from just above the edge of her pubic area to directly beneath her laboriously hollowed out midriff. My tongue swabbed at its dry cavity as I watched her move out of the …

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Spellbound: Women and Witchcraft in America

Issue No. 21 ~ February, 1999

"Rarely do words carry with them such long-standing pejorative connotations as the terms "witch" and "witchcraft." Although most folks living on the cusp of the twenty-first century claim not to believe in witches in the same way that their ancestors in seventeenth-century Colonial America might have...."

Babylon in a Jar

Issue No. 21 ~ February, 1999

"The approachable, earthy and personal voice for which Hudgins is best known has taken over and taken off in this collection and what you hear is what you get - a sounding more painfully honest and sadly more bitter than anything that's preceded it...."

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