local_library Reality Luke

by A. William Hahn

Published in Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

A long time ago

In a galaxy far, far away

I once believed I’d fly an X-Wing fighter

I once believed I’d have a droid

I once believed I’d make a deal with a Jawa

I thought I would learn to wave a lightsaber

Like the cooks at Benihana

And fire lazers into the belly of the evil Empire

And be the last of the Jedi Knights

But Obi Wan was just some old curmudgeon from the first floor

Who got arrested for showing himself to little kids on the train

Yoda was a wineo who died in the alley on Christmas Eve

He taught me the discipline of licking the screw cap for an extra drop of sanity

And droids were just garbage cans that met at the curb every Wednesday and Friday

Until the Jawas came to dump their guts into roving scrap collectors.

But I did get to meet Hans O’Lough.

And he introduced me to a princess named Leeah

She was monotone sweet with lava lamp eyes

And he had a mutt named Chewie.

They took me to see the millenium falter

Where I blew my mind drifting in warp speed

It was an overwhelming rush of energy and rage

And then, finally then, I realized my fantasy:

The Force was with me.

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A. William Hahn is a 27 year-old from Stony Brook, Long Island. By day he is a sports writer for the Newsday in New York, by night an insomniac writer, a desk-lamp poet, who just completed his first novel. He writes poetry as a hobby and hopes to have his novel published shortly.