25 June, 1999

portrait One on One

Interview with Brent Spencer

Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

The author of The Lost Son and Are We Not Men? talks about B-Movies, guilty pleasures, and the frustrations of writing for the screen.

videocam Film & Screenwriting

person_pin Essay

Immovable Object My Eye

Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

Part II of "My 5 Favorite Punk Things," Cloninger reveals the inner Punk workings of Cool Hand Luke, Bartleby the Scrivener and Vanishing Point.

local_library Poetry

map Macro-Fiction

The Terminal

Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

The whole thing falls apart after we talk for about an hour. He’s told me about the plane, which he’s early for, to his hometown Seattle. And he’s told me about wrestling. The last time he lost was more than three years ago, and now …

book Book Lovers

White Lies: Race and the Myths of Whiteness

Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

I wanted to like this book. A combination of memoir and extended musing on race and race theory, White Lies is the work of Maurice Berger, a white boy who grew up Jewish in a largely black Lower East Side housing project. His father was …