local_library The Double Takes

by Patricia Fritsche

Published in Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

If an E.T

of the famed, crop circle kind,

were to land

right smack on your hemp

“duck in marsh” welcome mat;


to your particular

wobbly scenario.

Some sort of sameness

coming through;

open invitation

to everyone

with a good, broad attitude.

And you went to investigate

a forbidden dance of anxiety,

like a salmon



the sound was not

in the limits of your town.

What would be the first,

tiny, insect, winged sound

trying to climb

to attention to speak?

When it held out

a three finger, luminescent


and saw something in pink,

spongy things.

And thick, green, facial mud

like new young cement

setting such

a muscle conniption;

and said “gurkqzkggee,”

not bad!

And, you coughed up

all your golden years,

those peaceful memories at once.

And said “oh my God,”

second guessed to yourself;

I shouldn’t have worn

that ragged, purple, gardenia

house dress today.

This could be the start

of something big…

strangers in the night

and all of that, not!

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Patricia Fritsche works as an administative assistant with her husband (owner of his own graphic business). She enjoys the creativity and exploring of a particular muse since this has been a passion of hers for some time. Reading, crafts, enjoying her dog, and photography are favorite past times but she has delved into a lot of different things since the seventies and now more than ever everything changes.