local_library Reservations

by Zane Ivy

Published in Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

Read Alex as if he

were telling you somthing

you don’t already know ’cause

you only think you do.

Outside the leaves are

being tossed in the wind they

butt up against all the walls

silently rising unaware

of themselves.

A woman asks if

the reservation was a

dangerous place she

has only seen the Hollywood screenalities

not if you’re driving through –

laugh and lie

down in the deep sleeping grass.

Meanwhile the escape

into the silver screen whiteness

thrust into another tribe – she says

they’re not racists they

just don’t like foreigners

consorting with their women.

The wagons circle and

the skins are surrounded they

only want to escape all

enclosures, those four edges

but that is the most dangerous rez

of all – that wind blowing

through subverted hair

the most dangerous illusion.

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Zane Ivy has a BA in Japanese language and literature and an MA in English. He currently lives in Korea, where he teaches, paints, writes, performs his music, and basically tries to drum up beauty where ever he can. His work has been published on the web and/or in print by Agnieszka's Dowry, Mind Fire, Moonshade, The Kyoto Journal, The Nepenthe Journal, Four Winds, and others.