local_library Superman on Vacation

by Brian Robertson

Published in Issue No. 25 ~ June, 1999

In the bar

amidst odors tough

for those with a

normal sense of smell

sat Clark

on his thirteenth


not tipsy in the least

(never seen a guy

drink that much that

fast and stay on the


Playing the jukebox

best of the Eagles

volume 2


(christ, is he deaf?)

Hasn’t read a paper

in a week


the daily planet

At home

his television is on


only sports

so he doesn’t have to see

the news

and hear about

bridges collapsing

super villains

on a rampage

children trapped

in drainage pipes

lost dogs

hostage situations

pipe bombs

road rage



armed robberies

domestic violence

And the jukebox

plays George Jones

and the music

almost drowns out

the voice of Lois

calling now


from the alligator’s jaws

or from whatever

the hell mess

she’s gotten herself

into this time

He belches

and the cash register

moves a full inch

(christ, did you see that?)

No one notices

he hasn’t shaved

for a week

He orders another


and says

make it

something from


this time

He digs around

in his pocket

for another

pair of


The song’s

almost over

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Brian Robertson has published in various magazines and anthologies over the past 25 years. His latest book is Little Blues Book (Algonquin) done with the infamous R. Crumb. He has worked for two decades as a professional storyteller and as a blues player, performing in Austin and at festivals throughout Texas. His new book of poems, Rider, will be published this summer.