45 February, 2001
sy’mbolon is panel two from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell – © 2001


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Last Rights

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Hammy came home. Late that afternoon, I watched our handsome brother step out of the Mt. Shasta blue Merkur he rented at the airport. I ran down the steps of the porch. “You look beautiful.” I threw my arms around his neck. Hammy and I …

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The Determined Days

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Any book praised by Anthony Hecht and John Hollander is likely to be two things: fine tuned and formal. Philip Stephens’ The Determined Days is both. By “formal,” I mean that Stephens’ verse takes shape in specific and rule-bound ways, not that it is fussy …

The Years with Laura Díaz

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Not long after the publication of her novel The Years, Virginia Woolf attempted to explain the book to a friend. “[W]hat I meant,” she wrote, “was to give a picture of society as a whole; give characters from every side; turn them towards society, not …

Still Life With Oysters and Lemon

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

A sharp cracking cold day, the air of the Upper East Side full of rising plumes of smoke from furnaces and steaming laundries, exhaust from the tailpipes of idling taxis, flapping banners, gangs of pigeons. Here on the museum steps a flock suddenly chooses to …

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portrait One on One

Interview with Tom Fleming

Issue No. 45 ~ February, 2001

Tom Fleming, author of forty books of fiction and non-fiction, talks to interviewer Derek Alger about breaking into the business and the importance of "veracious imagination."

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