48 May, 2001
[L. intrinsecus is panel six from The Pi Process by Ted Warnell – © 2001

[L. intrinsecus

portrait One on One

Interview with Rene Steinke

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

Rene Steinke’s first novel, The Fires, was published by William Morrow in 1999, and the paperback version was published last year by HarperPerrenial. The novel was selected in 1999 by The Austin Chronicles as one of the best books of that year, and film rights …

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map Macro-Fiction

Closing the Gap

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

A spider lives in a crack in my bedroom wall. The crack is highlighted by white smears where ineffectual insect spray has cleaned away the yellow smoke stains. I see the spider most mornings. It goes to bed as I rise. A huntsman that hunts …

book Book Lovers

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

The easy thing to say about this sometimes gut-wrenching trip through the underside of the nation’s fast-food industry is that once you’re done you’ll think twice before strolling into McDonald’s or one of its numerous cohorts. Well, it’s easy to say, but it may not …

Mary and O’Neil

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

In his first collection of fiction, Justin Cronin proves himself a deft chronicler of everyday American life. The eight connected stories in Mary and O’Neil find their nexus in the character of O’Neil Burke, who, in the beginning of the book, is a smart, amiable …

Arts of the Possible: Essays and Conversations

Issue No. 48 ~ May, 2001

Reading Arts of the Possible will convince you (if you weren’t already convinced) that Adrienne Rich is the kind of thinker who has long term relationships with her ideas.  Written over a span of three decades, the essays in this collection return again and again …