56 January, 2002
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Interview with Karen Essex

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

Initially I had much more confidence with fictional characters than I did with the character of Kleopatra. I couldn't even type her name. I kept calling her "the queen, the queen, the queen," until I realized that I was being absurd.

Interview with Richard Shenkman

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

Clearly, a show covering current events and history wasn't going to be a TV spectacular. But then along came the Internet and it occurred to me -- this might be the perfect vehicle for bringing history into the public square.

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One Night In August Sang

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

It’s June, in the evening, a little past eight. The day has been warm, with lots of sun. The sky is bright still, but soon a stretching dusk will come. Residual traffic surfs along the main road to the city. Car radios hum. In the …

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Back When We Were Grownups

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

Wondering about the lives we might have led must be a universal preoccupation, for we know the plot of our lives could have gone in many other directions just as easily. As Robert Frost’s famous “The Road Not Taken” reminds us, one key choice can …

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Sitting Danny Rolling

Issue No. 56 ~ January, 2002

I hung in the folds, too new to the area to chance grazing the fields alone. This was home of the Grand Poobah of the nation’s largest chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. This was gator country.

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