66 November, 2002
"Brave New World" © 2002 Bruce Gray

Brave New World

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Rapunzel’s Mustache

Issue No. 66 ~ November, 2002

It is not passion that tugs so fiercely on Rapunzel's upper lip, but another form of desire. As the prince approaches, Rapunzel steps back into the shadows.

Rasputin’s Dog

Issue No. 66 ~ November, 2002

Through the pine groves, past the mown corn, down to the river bank the children gathered every day after school, with sticks hoping to see the dog. The river bed was nearly dry in deep autumn, with the leaves almost fallen from the sparse trees …

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Raw Eggs

Issue No. 66 ~ November, 2002

She didn't look at the palm trees, soldiers hitchhiking, or the little kids selling bananas and bread to passengers in cars waiting for the light to change. She looked at her own reflection in the the bus's window.

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