106 March, 2006

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Consulting Fee

Issue No. 106 ~ March, 2006

Ed was chopping carrots and summer squash when Susan came home. She put on an apron and checked the open cookbooks to see what they were making. She took the package of chicken thighs from the refrigerator and started to rinse the pieces in the sink.

Rosary Beads

Issue No. 106 ~ March, 2006

"He says hair makes a woman beautiful. Any woman. They should wear it long, and please their men, tease their men, with the tickling of it across skin. He has no patience for short, manly styles."

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portrait One on One

Gladys Swan

Issue No. 106 ~ March, 2006

"Like many kids I tried writing little poems and stuff, but it was my eighth grade spelling teacher who sent me on my way. She assigned us the task of making a story out of the week's spelling words and then read mine to the class. After that, I knew I wanted to be a writer."