126 November, 2007

"Entwine" by Jennifer Flynn - © 2007


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Robert Phelps: My first guide to writing fiction

Issue No. 126 ~ November, 2007

"'Why do you think we write?' Phelps once asked me... "...I rambled on about truth and meaning and whatever one tries to discern out of life and the human experience. "Phelps smiled, raised his head across the table from me, and simply said, 'We write cause we're scared shitless'."

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portrait One on One

Danika Dinsmore

Issue No. 126 ~ November, 2007

"The 3:15 Experiment is another organized "event" that I'm sure I will continue to do for the rest of my life...Since 1993, a shifting menagerie of poets has woken up at 3:15 AM each morning during the month of August to write...Right now, it's where the bulk of my poetry comes from because I don't write much poetry these days."

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Cast Upon The Day

Issue No. 126 ~ November, 2007

"Thomas E. Kennedy, now in his sixties, shows no sign of a diminution of his extraordinary talent. He has followed the superb Copenhagen Quartet with the equally superb Cast Upon the Day."