162 November, 2010

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“No kiss?”

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

He played guitar and wrote stories on the back of paper targets and sent me to get milk shakes for him when his sugar was low and he was feeling tired but couldn’t shake his customers; a diabetic, he told me he would die young. I was 16 and in love with him. And a boy.

Edwin Floating

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

Edwin nodded approvingly. This was the way they had always done it, spinning the world soft in gossamer humor, diving under, pulling it up over their heads, safe

perm_identity From the Editor

Now that the voting is over

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

Many will be relieved, either happy or down, with most indifferent, as the results of the mid-term elections across the country will now be official, in most cases. For me, I’m simply happy my mailbox will no longer be stuffed with campaign literature. It’s amazing …

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First, Do No Harm

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

Knife Music, the title of David Carnoy’s debut novel, refers to the soundtrack surgeons choose to accompany their own performance in the operating room. This medical thriller opens like a scene from one of the better episodes of ER.

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Mark Goldblatt

Issue No. 162 ~ November, 2010

I’m not a natural performer; if the material isn’t up to par, I have the potential to bomb in a big way. But the book is funny, or at least it’s meant to be funny, and it’s full of word play, and that sort of thing tends to work when read aloud. What’s Chuckles the Clown’s motto? “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.”

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