Sparrows Darting Through the Cold Mohsen Jabbari Poetry

local_library Sparrows Darting Through the Cold

by Mohsen Jabbari

Published in Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

Leaden rooftops. Clothes on a sagging line,
stiff with cold.

The flabby arms of a woman with short

shaking breadcrumbs off a tablecloth.

A shriveled man in a tank top dropping a

of garbage onto the snow at his front

A pair of eyes watering in the crisp cold

withdrawing from an open window.

Zhivago’s train crawling through a wintery

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Born and raised in Zanjan, a town barricaded by snow-cloaked mountains in the northwest of Iran, Mohsen Jabbari has a BA in English Translation (English-Persian), and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in English literature. He has been previously published, or has poems upcoming, in Pomegranate, Shadowtrain, Esque, and Rangoli. Striving to produce vibrant literature, he is inspired by snow, stars, and his fiancé’s smile.