166 March, 2011

perm_identity From the Editor

A journey through Celtic past, present, and future

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

Treasa has lived in Barrie for the past 11 years, where she is currently the coordinator of the Novalis Project, responsible for providing presentations of drama, music and dance, and performances and workshops in the arts for adults with developmental disabilities who work and reside in a neighborhood together.

portrait One on One

DeWitt Henry

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

DeWitt Henry, the founder and longtime editor of Ploughshares, is the author of the memoir, Sweet Dreams: A Family History (Hidden River Press, 2011). He is also the author of Safe Suicide: Narratives, Essays, And Meditations (Red Hen Press, 2008) and the novel, The Marriage Of Anna Maye Potts (University of Tennessee, 2001), winner of the Peter Taylor Prize for the Novel.

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Frank O’Hara

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

He went home to Nebraska and found all the letters he had written waiting for him, returned to his parents' house, unopened. Betty was nowhere.

Altered Beast

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

There’s a guy living in my storage room. I noticed it about a month ago, when I went into the basement of my apartment building to drop off a box full of old Evil Dead posters I’d collected at college poster sales.

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The Overweight Anorexic

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

The face of Jesus seemed to glare 14 karat-gold disapproval from the charm glued to the middle of the steering wheel of Fleming’s nickel-gray Buick Skylark, sticky with brown drops of Kettle One Skyy Coke.

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Sleep of Reason

Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

Dad’s home! one of them would shout, and the others would squeal in nervous panic. Plucked from their fantasies, the three of them melded into one entity: the kids.


Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

They reassured you, told you that you were overreacting. You laughed a normal laugh and agreed, but later, after your boyfriend had gone to bed, the laugh froze in your throat, choking you.


Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

She has time to think all of this just after the moment she notes the first red tipped leaves and just before she realizes that her brakes are just not catching, catching, catching.

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