Unusual Transport Laurentiu Ion Poetry

local_library Unusual Transport

by Laurentiu Ion

Published in Issue No. 166 ~ March, 2011

through the light there floats a satellite that

some dots-

They glow fixedly then fall hot.

When they push each other, other lots

come to the surface, as if rubbing two slices

of bread and then crumbs would fall.

black pixels multiply in the light

like some bacteria.

They move intensely -every freeze-frame

starts tossing. A fish full of sand

and granules jump in all directions.

When I least expect it, I get out of bed.

a moment long in coming.

I take half of a lemon and squeeze it. First,

the glass is steaming, then drops start flowing

on the edge. The hair on the hand is moving,

spreading the light. An unusual transport

of ions to certain cells, in a slow process,

as if following a disaster of tastes.

The last drop remains on the table. I could have

bitten from the cold peel.

-Only to leave the lemon

dry until the morning.

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Laurentiu Ion (born 18 january 1991, Romania) published a poetry collection in his native language -„Destulă pace pentru un război” ("Enough peace for a war" - 2010). He also writes in English.