169 June, 2011

portrait One on One

William Trowbridge

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

William Trowbridge, whose most recent poetry collection, Ship of Fool, was published earlier this year by Red Hen Press, currently teaches in the University of Nebraska low-residency MFA writing program. He is also a Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at Northwest Missouri State where he was co-editor of The Laurel Review, one of the Midwest's leading literary journals.

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Of Women And Rain

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

He could hear her breath faintly and feel it on his cheek as she slept: the flesh-and-coffee smell, the sweet, approachable susurrus not unlike the violent tranquility, so visceral yet so narcotic, of the morning's rain; he was drowning in flowers.


Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

It didn't even matter; he was going to fly. He got in his car, turned on the radio to the classical music station and sped home to a bouncy symphony.

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Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

Owen turns off the TV and runs upstairs. I hear water running. I look at the ceiling. I look at my watch. I take a few more sips from my cup.

Kyla Kyla, Persephone

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

I thought maybe she was fooling, but then I tapped my finger on her collarbone and for some reason, right then, I knew something wasn’t right, so I ran and knocked on the nearest door but nobody answered.

The Queen Rides Again

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

He was looking at us both with leery-beery eyes, and then suddenly he was slinging Daisy over his shoulder and running down the length of the porch with her screaming, bellowing like a calf.

perm_identity From the Editor

You never know what you might see

Issue No. 169 ~ June, 2011

I stood frozen in the aisle when all of a sudden, a man in jeans with a gun drawn appeared in front of me and another guy, also with gun drawn, came flying over the shelf to my right, knocking canned goods and cardboard boxes all about.