local_library High Noon Madness

by Lucy Merriman

Published in Issue No. 183 ~ August, 2012

I got the high noon madness in my bones–

It crackles through my veins like copper wire

Shooting electric currents’ shrieks and moans

Into my fragile heart; a crown of fire,

The madness wracks my body, spirit, mind

Like an epileptic seizure, like a ghost

Contorting truth and fiction both in kind,

A virus leaving deaf and mute the host.

It coils like a viper in my gut,

Innocuously waiting ’til it eats

My other tender organs; paper-cuts

Appear in memories of skin and sheets,

And when it claws my eyes with leather gloves

I’ll paint it red with blood and call it love

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Lucy Merriman is a Theater Design / Tech Major at Kent State University. She loves rainy days, Doctor Who, and poetry of all kinds. She wrote this poem.