190 March, 2013

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portrait One on One

Eve Bridburg

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

Eve Bridburg is the Executive Director of Grub Street in Boston, an independent center for creative writing, dedicated to proving an innovative, rigorous, and welcoming community for writers to create their best work, find an audience, and elevate the literary arts for all.

Lee Martin

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

Lee Martin is the author of the novel, The Bright Forever (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 4, 2006), a Pulitzer Prize Finalist, and three other novels, including Break the Skin (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 7, 2009). His other novels are River of Heaven (Broadway; Reprint edition, April 7, 2008) and Quakertown.(Plume, 2001).

pages Micro-Fiction


Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

It’s been happening daily and I pray he doesn’t do this in front of my girlfriend or parents.

map Macro-Fiction

A Moment of Relief

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

The two chubby white birds flapped up then rested back down again, a little closer to us.

perm_identity From the Editor

The AWP and Me

Issue No. 190 ~ March, 2013

I am definitely a literary outsider, and as such, I’ve been able to attend AWP Conferences sort of like an anthropologist studying the natives – it was alien territory to me and I had no one to answer to or to try and impress.