198 November, 2013

portrait One on One

Jack Smith

Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

Jack Smith is author of the novel Hog to Hog, which won the George Garrett Fiction Prize (Texas Review Press. 2008), and also is the author Write and Revise for Publication for Publication: A 6-Month Pan for Crafting a Publishable Novel and Other Works of Fiction, published earlier this year by Writer's Digest Books.

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Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

She stopped before me. A flame-tipped roll-up hung from her mouth. She seemed ancient. This could be a hundred years ago, I thought.

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Jingle Sweat Bleed

Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

Nothing sexier than watching someone masticate with their mouth open, saliva resinous and burning, turning to chalky grey rubber and an aching jaw

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Issue No. 198 ~ November, 2013

If there was any man in Wildcat Falls who was an American success story, it was Chester Morehouse.