202 March, 2014

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The Dead Don’t Get Lonely

Issue No. 202 ~ March, 2014

Perhaps I leaned forward and breathed on her alabaster neck, or perhaps I reached up to explore the valley between her shoulder blades that stood out from her shirt. I can’t remember.

The New Years Eve Gift

Issue No. 202 ~ March, 2014

Vijay grinned. As the nurse, record keeper, orderly, compounder, and often - as now - the doctor too, Vijay knew exactly what to do. It wasn't just luck that had helped him hang on in this dispensary for fifteen years.

perm_identity From the Editor

The Last Time

Issue No. 202 ~ March, 2014

My grandparents on both sides had names from a distant past, names more likely to be found in history books than at contemporary social gatherings.

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