local_library Radio Waves Never Die

by Ryan Hibbett

Published in Issue No. 202 ~ March, 2014

Plump Orson Welles

pauses to inspect his cigar


his growing church

of satellites


circling in trepidation

for the final word.


Like the starlight


clean and hard


from a source that may

or may not exist


radio waves pulse

from their tower

into the jet-marked sky


flouting the outstretched

arms of our antennae


as they part the atmosphere.


Stout planets twist

from Einstein to Churchill


or slip orbit

to flee the nasal bulletins

of mad Lord Haw Haw.


Even the music cutting out

as your garage door eclipses

another day


coaxed from a weary violin

and proving through the static

to be O Holy Night


will drift eternally through space


shedding its half-lives


and bumping into stars.