local_library Still, Life

by Helen Carey

Published in Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

Left unattended, the after-work

silt of the day curls into itself

slowly, my legs curl into yours

and Hopper’s light droops

across Washington Square,

designating the space between

this summer and next, the moon

flowers at the end of the season

and the tinny feel of sobriety

on colder mornings.


Hours along with the rest

of the perennials freeze

over slowly, the fire

escape garden a shadow

box of the past two years.


But in the subway the smell

of rosemary on my fingers

makes this whole city swim

like the inside of a cell and

you walk to work through

someone else’s Tuesday,

taking inventory on leftover

logic and counting down

the days until last season,

weeks chiming against

my knuckles like bells.

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Helen Carey is a recent college graduate working at a marketing company in New York City. Prior to this, she worked as a copyeditor at a chain of local newspapers in New Jersey, and also held an internship at the PEN American Center in New York. She draws inspiration from a variety of artists, writers, and thinkers -- Frank O'Hara to Willa Cather, De Kooning to Krishnamurti, Chaplin to Bob Dylan. Through her writing, she aims to show the beauty in the simple, the mundane, and the ugly.