204 May, 2014

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Inside Out

Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

Dad’s dagger collection? Too dangerous. Dad’s digital camera? We need something less complicated.

map Macro-Fiction


Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

He looks my way, closes his mouth, chews slower for a few seconds and then reverts to his original mode.

The Paper Bombs

Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

The dream ends with no sound and only the darkness and the vacuum feeling of being alone.

portrait One on One

Ross Klavan

Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

Ross Klavan's novel Schmuck was published by Greenpoint Press earlier this year. His work spans film, television, and radio, as well as print, and also live performance. His original screenplay for the film Tigerland was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.